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Robert Emery

Robert Emery


Robert Emery Directs, Produces, Writes, Choreographs and Designs for theatres throughout the USA. For many years, he has written, directed, and produced the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Celebration concerts. Robert has managed the national tours of NOKIA corporate industrial shows since 1998. Robert co-founded Crossroads Theatre, for which he wrote Genderella, a Musical Fairy Tale; and he co-founded The Opera Project, for which he directed Dominic Argento’s A Masque Of Angels and Stephen Paulus’ The Three Hermits. Most recently, Robert directed and produced the Dallas/Ft.Worth Black Tie Dinner, featuring Sharon Stone, Lily Tomlin, Alan Cumming, and Geena Davis. Robert returns to Dallas, annually, to direct and produce a Musical at Highland Park United Methodist Church. Robert holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre from Texas State University.

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